Masterpiece Packaging

An unique packaging for your masterpiece.

fnac-antony-2Masterpieces are particular cases in the packaging and logistic world : they are irreplaceable.

So our mission is completely different. … Since the object is unique and impossible to repeat we must go beyond our usual obligations.

90 years of experience and working in subcontracting for all licensed works of art carriers have given us some experience…

We have gathered this experience in a specification for packaging of works of art, where depending on the type of work (painting, sculpture, furniture), the technique used by the artist (eg oil painting, watercolor, or plaster sculpture, wood sculpture), works of dimensions, we defined the wedge type and the most suitable packaging.

These “bible” contains more than 110 different crates categories (from the standard pallet to the double insulating and anti-vibratory crate) and is updated every year according to our research, new materials or new customer demands.

Be sure that we will find the best adapted solution your need !