Our Resources

Today, we adapted our workshop of 1300 m2 (located to Argenteuil in the suburb North of Paris) to our new needs and to our new customers.

Estimate within 24h

Whatever is your project, as soon as you contact us for a request of prices, our commercial team will send you an estimate in a maximum of 24 hours.

We are equipped with diverse software of 2D and 3D which allow us to feign packagings as well as tests of fall before the realizations. These software determine also exactly the volumes and the weight of our packagings.

After validation of the estimate, the manufacturing process will be launched by computer then handled in our workshops.


Equipped with several panels saws and other cutting equipments, but also a digital machining center (who allows us to realize among others wooden or foam wedgings, mass or custom-made furniture), we so have the possibility of proceeding to any sorts of cuts and of answering your requests most exactly possible. Our machines park, regularly renewed, also includes :

  • Several sanders wide strips to rectify the materiel,
  • A cabin of painting (used to paint top of the range crates and furniture,
  • Plants of glue (hotmelt) for the fixation of foam in crates (without clearance of solvent),
  • An overhead crane 10 tons on our whole workshop.

Secure storage

Our last investment, to answer a more and more strong request, is a secured room for every type of storage. Our warehouse is watched 24 hours a day.

But what would be the interest of all this machines park without our staff ?