The art of packing


If you are a gallery owner or an industrialist, if you have an object or even a thousand to send somewhere, which is breakable, fragile and important to you, then, you just found your collaborator.
Indeed, our job is to make sure your property, despite the thousand miles it would travel and the problems it would meet on the road will arrive to its destination in a perfect state.

We try to understand the particularities of each customer’s product to make out the particular risks in order to give our customers the most adapted issue and this, whatever may be the requirements of our clients (small boxes, stand presentations, furnitures…)

Made to measure


Packs for works of art

The works of art are a challenge for a packer. Being irreplaceable, they deserve to be handles in a unique way.


Industrials packs

Confide us your realizations, your plans, your projects, we shall study them with the biggest care and will establish the best estimate.



You handle the implementation of a scenography for your next exhibition? Between our hands your models will take life…

High-end packaging

New techniques of packaging managed for every type of products to be transported. The use of shock absorbers with cables is the solution to isolate shocks and vibrations, able to absorb the movements in all directions. After numerous studies of tests every shock absorber is chosen according to the mass and to the type of product.

A material sensitive to the shocks will be immobilized in a first box then fixed to shock absorbers with cables. These shock absorbers with cables are themselves fixed to one “double case package” protecting directly the material of the outer shocks. Sensitive to the temperature variations, the crate would have an isothermal cover. Just have a look at the video…

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