Our Staff

“Men of Arts” in the service of Art !

The insurance contracts do not cover the damages due to an inadequate package or a flawed package. In every contract, the packaging has to be realized in accordance with standard practice in other words with the “habitual savoir-faire” that a customer can expect from skilled workers considered as “Men of Art”.

We are « Men of Arts » in the service of Art

That’s saying how as soon as our staff arrives in our company, he is educated to an absolute requirement!

Heirs of a tradition which continue -the mentoring network-, our training always starts with an apprenticeship in the workshop of the different work stations under the responsibility of a tutor.

According to experience, skills or final employment of each person, this period is more or less long. But everyone has to practice in every work station.

The knowledge about the job is totally understood at once by administrative staff and by workmen. At the end of his apprenticeship, our staff is autonomous and skillful. They share the different works out according on what they prefer or according on their diary.

The packing final control before its sending is always made by a technical responsible and the commercial in charge of the file. This will guarantee that our service answers not only the technical requirements but also the wills of our customers.