Industrial Packaging

Never industrial products have travelling during their cycle of manufacturing as today !

Thanks to the globalization of the economy, industrial products travel a lot during their cycle of manufacturing.

However this globalization deeply modified the type of packaging whom we have to realize. So, if a few companies continue to export finished products by means of non-returnable packages, the great majority of our customers makes components entering a cycle of complex production which imposes numerous and frequent transport from a subcontractor to the other.

So, an object manufactured in the suburb of Paris is going to undergo a processing in Germany before leaving for Hungary to be assembled there. So, the packaging will have to be evolutionary and reusable (to avoid renewing it in every step).

Moreover, the “made in France” being a synonym of very high-technology and care must be brought to the full packaging. This is the reason why digital manufacturing is so important !

Our packaging can be :



Plywood (for crates), Cardboard, Polypropylene (wrapps).


The kinds of manufacturing are different according to the frequency of use :

For occasional use

Reusable plywood crates with lock “type grenouillere”.

For frequent use

Shuttle box,
Flight cases.

For crate having the same life cycle as the object which it contains

Made in polypropylene, aluminum or resonated wood containers.